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24 of #100HappyThings

Back when I was a JPIA officer during my fourth year in college (JPIA = Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants), we had a block monitoring program wherein each of the executive officers would handle a block to be their ‘senior guide’ all throughout the federation year. I was The Ledger‘s (JPIA-PLM’s official publication) Editor-in-Chief and Communications Department Chairman during that time.

I guess being a big sister is an innate thing for me, being the eldest child in the family; perhaps that’s why leadership is actually something that I consider as a passion.

I handled a freshman block for our block monitoring program, and I was really passionate about it. I did my best to become the approachable ‘Ate’ (everyone thought I was ‘mataray’ and unapproachable because of my resting bitch face lol). It felt good that before the middle of the first semester came, almost everyone considered me, their Ate Clau, as someone who they can approach anytime with their issues, may those be school-related or not.

I was everyone’s Ate Clau (which turned to TeKlaw later on, haha), and it feels good that my babies never forgot their ‘Ate Clau’. It feels good to know that I have inspired some younger JPIAns just by being an ‘Ate’ to them.

Just yesterday, I was with Gab and Lean to give them some help for their feasibility study. How time flies… My babies are now graduating students.


Thank You, Lord, for giving me the chance to inspire other people through JPIA. Indeed – once a JPIAn, always a JPIAn.


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