8065 Bagnet

6 of #100HappyThings

Bagnet has always been one of my favorites. I’m really a meat lover so you can’t blame me. I swear I’m trying to live a healthy lifestyle, but I really just can’t give red meat up. Let me just balance my consumption with fruits, some veggies, and exercise.


I’ve been in Makati for six months but I was just able to eat at 8065 Bagnet last month. It’s located at 8065 Estrella Street in Barangay San Antonio. It’s just one tricycle away from my work place.

Their meals are pretty much affordable, approximately Php 400 for two persons – in full stomach. The ambiance is pretty much vintage, and I’ve heard that it is owned by singer Kitchie Nadal.


Their Original Bagnet is a good try for 8065-beginners (plus extra rice, LOL). They have budget meals and sets that are good for sharing. They also have beer if you want some almost-drunk time.

All I can say is that from Ilocos’ original to Makati version, ‘bagnet’ never fails.

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