Spectrun 2016: Run 2 Save Lives

2 of #100HappyThings


Last June 11, 2016, Saturday, I joined the Mu Sigma Epsilon Sorority – UST Faculty of Medicine‘s Spectrun 2016: Run 2 Save Lives at Roxas Boulevard, a color charity fun run for the pediatric cancer patients of Tahan-Tahanan Foundation. I really love doing outreach and charity works, so whenever I have the chance and the means, I really engage myself into such activities.



I was with my friends Kent, Nikki and Sir Yves. We ran for the 3K marathon except for Kent who ran for 5K. Special thanks to my high school batchmate, Christopher (not in the picture), for inviting us in the event. He’s a UST Med student by the way. 🙂



This is my first run for this year because I had been busy during the first half of 2016. I am looking forward to more runs that will benefit needy. 🙂




We even saw former Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim when we had our breakfast at Jollibee – Harbour Square. His whole team was just on the table next to us. Hahaha. We wanted to take a photo with him but he seemed busy that time.


Congratulations to the whole team behind Spectrun 2016 for pulling off a successful color run!

It was really a fun run. During the run, I think I wasn’t just doing it for the cancer patients, but for myself as well. I felt free. I never felt so free for a long time, and I’m glad that I’m experiencing it now.

It feels great to finally be able to do things without something that’s holding me back. It feels great to run with a light heart. It feels great that I am now running again after getting a wound from falling.

Life is indeed a race… A colorful race.

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