Enraptured Reality

Phantasm. Bewilderment. Clairvoyance.


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Quote from the book 'Paper Towns' (ctto)

Perhaps she is the thorn of the rose
or the reason you can’t get a hold
of a cactus tight,
maybe a Living paradox
of all the things the world just
couldn’t understand,
or perhaps an Exception
to all the rules
everyone wants to break;
or probably the Anathema,
the Sweet smile that hides
Every bitterness untold;

She must have been
the complication of All things simple,
a Vulnerable being
with a question of her Existence;
a desire to Move forward
but still stuck behind a fake Euphoria;

For every Rage of emotion she controls,
a shout Of fire in a Memory,
of Having the only drive to not go
is a string that has Ever held her
to go on – a heart so true:
making her Realize that he is her Escape;

And if anybody cares enough,
maybe one would notice,
or perhaps not,
what she’s been trying to say
from the very beginning.


Author: Clau

A music junkie obsessed with coffee, books, and writing erratic oeuvres

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