The Dreamcatcher of my Nightmare

I am looking forward to a lifetime with him more than I have ever imagined myself with anybody else.

Funny. I met someone one random day and we really got a long well. He’s a bookworm and a poet as I am, and he’s into the art of dancing too. We had so much in common, but we didn’t get along. After a few dates, we just stopped. The end.

That’s when he came. I met him after a boring Halloween party, wearing a white shirt of a band that I used to listen to. Incubus. Cool. That was the first thing that registered him in my mind. Meanwhile, the first thing he did was to ask me if I was wearing contacts, which didn’t need an answer because it was pretty obvious.

Then he added me on Facebook. From then on, not a day had passed that we didn’t exchange messages. Anything goes. And the rest was history.

I remember how we both saw a shooting star one night, how he first held my hand, and how he showed that even when things are getting too tough, he’s not giving up. The little things became big for me. The compliments. Fancy efforts. Everything. I became appreciative, because I have never met a man like him. Someone who doesn’t give up easily. Someone who knows how to treat his woman right.

He is kind. He is patient. He understands me. He has never made me feel inferior, and he has always made me feel that I am the only woman in his heart. At times when he commits mistakes, he knows how to accept it, and he knows how to make up more than just saying sorry.

He knows how to kiss me the way I want to. He knows how to hug me the way that I would cling to him tigher as if to never let go. He made me realize that nothing’s ever wrong when it comes to love, for as long as you are not hurting anyone. He made me feel that I could cry on his shoulders, and would still say how beautiful I am even when I think I am already at my ugliest. He accepts me for who I am, and pleases me every time. He knows how to make me feel wanted and loved. He knows how to undress my inner demons and throw those weaknesses upon him. He knows how to make me smile every day. He knows how to say thank you to the things that I do to make him feel that I value him so much. He knows how to remind me about my faith and dreams. He knows how to simply just make me feel better whenever I’m down, even without words, simply by just kissing my forehead or may hand.

He knows how to dream. And what’s even better, when he dreams, he includes me in it. And I could not ask for more. He’s everything I have ever prayed for, and I don’t have any plans of letting him go.

Yes, he had been hurt before, and after all of the things he has done for me, I would do my best to not hurt him. But if ever I would, I would do my best to make up, and make him feel that he’s someone I couldn’t afford to be just a memory.

He’s the dreamcatcher of my nightmare. He’s the beauty in my sunset. He makes me thank all the heartbreaks I have ever had before because if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have met him, and I wouldn’t have felt this wonderful crazy love.

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