Enraptured Reality

Phantasm. Bewilderment. Clairvoyance.

First Kiss

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One night
Stars shining bright
He reached for her hand
And told her,
“You’re my world,”
And meant it;

He was broken
But she came
And just with her smile
His life was colorful
Once again, once again;

She was broken
But he said,
“Don’t be afraid,
I’m here,”
And she believed
Her vulnerability shining
As her tears fell
In front of him;

And his thumb
Wiped those salty crystals
And kissed them away
With his warm embrace
“Hush, my princess,
You’re safe here,”
He said;

With the heart of grace
They fell
Madly, deeply:

Alone, they were
Arms locked
Around each other,
Two pairs of diamonds
Glittering like the sea
And as strong as the waves
Breathing the same air
Sharing the same line;

And soon
Words weren’t enough
In between smiles
Their lips met
As if to never part.



Author: Clau

A music junkie obsessed with coffee, books, and writing erratic oeuvres

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