Enraptured Reality

Phantasm. Bewilderment. Clairvoyance.

Locking Words

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You know it’s real
Not just to make a random seal
When you feel
That the past is going to heal
The past is going to heal, my love;

When our eyes meet
I lose my feet
I lose my senses, all the heat
Because I feel your heartbeat
I feel your heartbeat, my love;

We hold hands and see
The best is yet to come for you and me
Your arms around me
Your lips on mine when you kiss me
Oh, when you kiss me, my love;

I smile as you touch my face
As you wrap me with your tight embrace
And show love in different ways
And with you, the future I’ll trace
The future I’ll trace, my love;

And when you speak
Those words my heart seek
My knees get weak
But with you, I’ll always stick
With you I’ll always stick, my love.



Author: Clau

A music junkie obsessed with coffee, books, and writing erratic oeuvres

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