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Café d’ Bica Invasion

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My Main and I really have Wednesday lunch dates because it’s currently the best time for us to catch up despite our busy schedules. After lunch, we go to some chill-out places to have some ice cream or shakes before going back to our own businesses.

Today, though, we decided to try Café d’ Bica, a nearby coffee shop, because we wanted a new place to hangout and we both had stuff to do.


We both ordered milk tea – I settled with wintermelon while he wet with the chocolate one. Their milk tea tasted great, and it’s affordable too! It’s really budget friendly for students, and if only we hadn’t eaten our lunch yet before that, we would’ve tried their mouth-watering pancakes. The red-velvet pancake caught my eyes at first glance but I was already full so we settled with Cajun fries (a semi-spicy fries).


The space was kind of small, but their interior is cute and artsy. They have friendly staff, too. 🙂

Café d’ Bica is located at 3387 Mafee Bldg., Molino Road, Molino 3, Bacoor, Cavite, just across Emilus Mart. You may visit their Facebook page (Café d’ Bica) and Instagram (@cafedbicaph) for more information. I would give them 3.5 out of 5 for the overall rating. 😉

Scribbled by Claudine Faylogna


Author: Clau

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