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I attended The Feast PICC last Sunday and I was reborn.

Now let me talk about having a rebirth.

The past few weeks made me feel like I already wanted to die was dying. Whether I’m exaggerating things or not, I hope you get the picture: I am was struggling. There’s too much pressure that’s been pushing and pulling me on and I really felt like the emotional and mental friction wasn’t doing anything good to me. It was deteriorating my existence. Our house doesn’t feel like home and my shelter isn’t warm. All I could run to was GOD because faith is all [and everything] that I have, and lately it was like my faith was being tested.

I left home early, around 7AM last Sunday to attend my class. But something inside me happened. Two of the passengers in the van I was riding pulled off at PICC. All of a sudden, I found myself joining those two ladies crossing the streets towards PICC. Not that I sacrificed my 8AM subject because I could actually attend to it in the afternoon, just in another room. I walked my way to the PICC Plenary Hall and found a seat amid the huge crowd of Feasters (those who attend The Feast). It was a solitary moment, just me and Him.

I could say, despite the huge number of people inside the hall, I felt that I have had a very private moment with God during the mass. It was as if the words I had been listening to we’re all directed to me, awakening my faith. And even though I went there alone, I felt so comfortable exchanging smiles and nods while saying “Peace be with you.” The mass celebrant, Fr. Balatbat, made it a point that we, the parishioners, could interact with each other at ease even though we’re new to each others’ faces. I have even met few people from the I Love Life Community (which I am looking forward to be a part of soon) and new other people like Tita Susan (I would love to see and hug her again)!

After the mass was the Worship Service and the talk (Talk #2: BOLD – Persistence). I really felt renewed after The Feast. I even cried while singing for the Lord at the top of my lungs! It was really overwhelming and it was just the exact emotion that I needed to feel. The words I have heard really touched my heart, and the articles on The Feast PICC bulletin were all in time for my current frustrations.

I am now assured that through persistent prayers, everything I am asking for will come true. The plan’s already there, and I am about to live that plan through praying. GOD has given me various sources of motivation, and He knew just when, where and how to lead me to regain my shaking faith. I know things will be fine soon – I just have to trust His timing. I may be having a rough phase, but I know I’ll get through this. GOD won’t give me something I can’t handle.

Thank You, LORD. I am born again, and I feel so alive! Thank You so much for leading me to The Feast that morning. January 11, 2015 is by far one of the best days of my life, for it was the day that I have already found You in me.

Thank you, The Feast PICC, for being an instrument to my rebirth. 🙂


Author: Clau

A music junkie obsessed with coffee, books, and writing erratic oeuvres

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