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Keep on Moving


Never ever dwell on the past. It won’t do you any good.

My old blog host (see old blog here) kept on having layout issues from time to time so here I am again, making a new nook at WordPress. It was Jan Belmonte‘s suggestion, and his advice is something to really be taken into consideration because he’s taking up BFA Information Design at Ateneo de Manila University (see his portfolio here) and he has more knowledge in stuff like good blogging platforms than I have.

Let me go back to the first thing I wrote in this post: Never ever dwell on the past. It won’t do you any good. 2013 is still, by far, the most bittersweet year I’ve ever had, but 2014 is a year that’s also full of ups and downs. Nothing huge really happened, but adding up all the small things that had already transpired, 2014’s book is full of rainbow colors and a hundred shades of gray. I had left my door wide open. It was so open that a lot of people made it so easy to just come and go… and go. I had let a few people in, gave them a paint brush to color my blank pages at their option, and just didn’t mind them leaving. I learned how to care less, and everything was easier. Maybe I have already outgrown a part of my overly sensitive self – and I am just so glad I [almost] did.

Some of the things that happened before, both good and bad, are starting to make sense now. 2014’s been a good year, and I couldn’t thank God enough for that. My mind, heart and soul are all in good condition and I guess it’s because of the decision I made when 2014 began: JUST. GO. ON.


Author: Clau

A music junkie obsessed with coffee, books, and writing erratic oeuvres

2 thoughts on “Keep on Moving

  1. Same story! Transferred from blogpost to wordpress. I’ve been on WP for a year and I’m pretty happy 🙂 Yey to writing! Will watch out for your posts. 🙂


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