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Pahiyas Festival 2013 (late post)


MAY 15, 2013 – Oh yes! For the very first time, I was able to witness one of the most famous fiestas in the Philippines. Sir Momon invited the whole Fauna and Flora International (FFI) staff to see the very known Pahiyas Festival at Lucban, Quezon.

I wasn’t able to take my own photos because I didn’t bring Parallax with me. I just grabbed these photos from our finance manager’s Facebook account. I was actually the one who held and captured most of the photos using her camera anyway. 🙂
Aside from enjoying the colorful view and the food at Sir Momon‘s house, I was able to buy pasalubong for the family plus a beach hat for my Mom. I know she wanted to buy one in Baguio but just didn’t because she thought of us more. 🙂 We’ve also had a happy roadtrip along Laguna on our way back to our office at Tagaytay.
I reached home few minutes before12 midnight that day. It was tiring but indeed a memorable one. 😉 The Pahiyas Festival is indeed one of the view things that we must be proud of as Filipinos. It just shows how creative and grateful the Filipinos are. 😀

Author: Clau

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2 thoughts on “Pahiyas Festival 2013 (late post)

  1. great!! looks super!!

    Have a nice day and I hope to you have time to come into my blog, just
    HERE 🙂
    Irene from http://www.ireneccloset.com


  2. It was indeed a blast! 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by! Will take time to check your blog dear 😀

    Claudine ❤


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