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After fetching Dad at NAIA from his one-week seminar in Davao, we went to Relans to finally claim my graduation picture. 🙂

My college barkada! Chester, Jenny, Meriah, Vivian, Mikee (?)
Though Vergel should’ve been in Mikee‘s place. 😦 Yay.
After that, I went to PLM to get my copies of The Ledger 2013. Being the Editor-in-Chief of this year’s issue is such an honor. I know that this issue isn’t flawless, but I did my best. It feels so good when people congratulate you for a job well done. And I know it’s something to really be proud of!

Supportive Mom is supportive! HAHA 🙂 Aside from my complimentary copy, she bought 5 more mehehe. Feels good to make them proud!
I then proceeded to Robinson’s Ermita, my high school after-Friday-class nook. I came to have a small reunion with my high school best buds. We’re not complete though, ’cause Cham backed out the last minute for some confidential reasons and Arrah is busy with her summer class. We exchanged stories and did our usual bonding back when we were in high school: TIMEZONE (we used to be in G-box back then but we opted to go to Timezone yesterday) and PICTURE TAKING. Haha!

Meet my crazy lovely friends! Lara, Gigi, Ehcel 🙂
My best buds since third year! 6 years of tried and tested friendship.
I soooooo love this girls. 😀
It was indeed a wonderful day to sum up. =) We’re actually planning to have overnights here at my place from May 3 to 5! Bonding overload! Excited for that! 😀
Back to work tomorrow. Yay! I’m gonna bond with vouchers again. Geez. Oh yes, I’m already an office girl. Haha!

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