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EOs’ Eat Out!

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My JPIA-PLM Executive Officers family is really one of the many reasons why I really enjoyed my last year in college. They had made me feel that leadership comes not only with responsibility, but ability to keep up harmonious relationship with your co-officers and with that, we were able to form something that is beyond leadershipfriendship.
Yesterday, after our major exam, we had our eat out at Shakey’s SM Manila together with our org adviser, Ma’m Mayel. We ordered two Monster Meals and enjoyed the feast! πŸ˜€
After being so full and after the meeting, we proceeded to Dairy Queen for a cold blizzard! πŸ™‚

I really had fun. And my stomach, too! Haha. πŸ˜€
BTW, somebody commended my outfit yesterday though it was really plain and simple. Smart yet stylish, says him. Our block decided to wear white soooo, there! I wasn’t able to take closer shots of each piece, though. This was what I wore:
Polo shirt: Giordano
Belt: BenchΒ 
Shoes: AnsaΒ 
(Trivia: I’ve had those shoes ever since Grade 5! Though the original color of the shoe lace was also brown, I’ve decided to have a black one so that the shoes won’t look plain and dull. Ta-dah! Size 4 since then, mehehe.)

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