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Passion in Spotlight: Dancing


I am thankful enough that GOD had given me so many talents. Blessed ‘cause I can write. Blessed ‘cause I can do public speaking. Blessed ‘cause I can sing. Blessed ‘cause I can play some instruments. Blessed ‘cause I can dance. Blessed ‘cause I’m mentally competitive. BLESSED ‘CAUSE I CAN DO A LOT OF THINGS. Not all people are fortunate enough to have these priceless gifts. Some only get one or two – I’m delighted ‘cause I was blessed with many.
I have posted this video to point out one particular thing: DANCING. I miss dancing a lot. Last year, I guess I have danced so much. I showed my acrobatic skills for the JPIA General Assembly 2011, presented my choreography and improvisation skills for dancing solo in the Dance Icon 2011, and danced all my heart out for the Dance Mania 2011 – all for my passion and love for dancing.
Unfortunately, this year isn’t turning out as good as my dancing career did been before. No dancing. Not in the General Assembly (officer, baby – no performances), Dance Mania, Icon, Dance Festival, etc. It’s heartbreaking, knowing that as much as I would like to, I have no choice. They can dance without me – dancers are everywhere. But on other aspects – er, okay. It’s fulfilling when people trust in you ‘cause you can do something and that you’re a big fish to bet on. However sometimes, because of this trust, your choice to have your own decisions and stick with what you want are lost. You have to do what others say because you don’t want to disappoint them. You don’t want to disappoint yourself too because you know you can – and you want it, but then, you want something else more than that.
I know this sentiment is going nowhere. This I promise, though: SOMEDAY I’M GONNA DANCE FOR ALL THAT I’VE BEEN THROUGH – DANCE MY HEART, SOULAND BODY OUT. 🙂

Author: Clau

A music junkie obsessed with coffee, books, and writing erratic oeuvres

6 thoughts on “Passion in Spotlight: Dancing

  1. wow! i love dancing too! 😉 and indeed you are blessed ..:)

    follow me back?



  2. I love dancing so much. Such a creative outlet.

    <3 Melissa


  3. Dance is something that only dancers know how to understand 🙂


  4. Dancing is a beautiful way to express yourself.


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