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Long First Week

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After five days, I have finally experienced my rest day. I’d been busy with JPIA and academic stuff, having those first few days last like one month.

It was a good week though. I met new freshmen BSA’s, got a little closer with some new people, and quite discovered who my real friends are. Er, no need to make details on that.

I was supposed to be one of the dancers of a Burlesque dance number but since I have pretty huge conflicts with some other stuff (which are far way more important than actually practicing a Burlesque dance), I just quit. There are a lot of other dances to come in the future anyway. I am planning to join the CAE Dance Mania this school year (which will take place on November) and will dance for the JPIAlympics Variety Dance (also in November, I guess). See? There are really just some works that I could not give up for dancing, even though I really love to make moves and grooves through pops, locks, pumps and sways.

I really am looking forward to a wonderful “final year in college”. It will be a struggle, indeed, because the road to success isn’t paved in silver. The road going to be rough, but I know this year’s going to be good for me, and that I’ll be a CPA by October 2013. ๐Ÿ™‚


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