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Water Camp Sunday

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Sunday is basically Lord’s day and family day. So after the mass, we prepared ourselves for a splash treat at Josephine’s Water Camp Resort located in Kawit, Cavite. 🙂

With the entrance fee of Php 240 per head, we had experienced the slides, rain showers, river-like pool and waves! B-D



Shades: Hannah Montana Collections (Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a fan, k? Haha!)
Swimsuit (upper): Faster
Swimming shorts: Avon
Cover-up: Summer Salt
Our first plan for the venue of our swimming was at Antel Grand Village because Tita Evelyn, one of our family friends, offered that place. It’s an amenity in the village wherein the pool’s a resort-like one. Unfortunately, there were already lots of people there that time so we just proceeded at Water Camp.


The lazy river!


Rain shower!







I planned to actually wear my two-piece swimsuit but when I saw that there were too many people there, I have had second thoughts and simply settled with swimming shorts instead of bikini.

Colleen and I really enjoyed the slides and the waves – especially the waves! The swimming crowd was like a united mob wherein we partied while enjoying the artificial waves of the pool. So what if my tan skin became dark tan? Haha! What matters is I really did have so much fun bonding with my family and some family friends! :]

We went home at around 5 o’clock and heyyyy. My muscles are kind of aching now. Swimming much? 😀

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